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Mathos Loreley Folding Bath

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Mathos Loreley Folding Bath
Made in Korea authentic product !

Mathos Loreley stemmed from the famous Loreley Hill in Germany that means mother's hill is a brand for baby products officially launched into Korea in 2012.

It is a German baby masterpiece brand that the purchase classes with lots of consumers are being formed on account of increasingly raised awareness and convenient, superior product quality.


  • It is specially designed to make storage easy without compromising a full-size tub.
  • This item is portable so that you can keep it wherever you go with your baby.
  • There is hook part for hanging shower-head so that you can use your two hands while bathing baby and also use the hook part to hang this item on towel bar or curtain bar.
  • This bath is entirely made of safe materials which can save your baby’s skin.


  1. Fold and unfold!
    Amazing space application shows to advantage, A new concept baby bathtub

  2. A hang-on-the-wall design
    Do you still use the bathtub that occupies space? Keeping got easier!

  3. Temperature sensing sensor
    Check at a glance by change of silicone color!

  4. Elaborate detail
    An artisan sprit stays alive! Make sure with your own eyes!

  5. 100% domestic manufacture, KC,CE Mark secured!
    The reasen why reliable A/S treatment is available!
    That's the reason of satisfactory quality.

  6. Size got more sufficient
    Now you don't have to worry until 6 years of age.


Bathtub for a newborn baby (~6years)


87.5 x 58 x 23cm






Even packing is neat and tidy!
With a lovely color box packing we deliver safely

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