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Baby Lay Back Bath Seat

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Baby Lay Back Bath Seat
Deluxe Baby Bathtub Backrest│Check 2 colors (Green/Purple)

Mathos Loreley stemmed from the famous Loreley Hill in Germany that means mother's hill is a brand for baby products officially launched into Korea in 2012.

It is a German baby masterpiece brand that the purchase classes with lots of consumers are being formed on account of increasingly raised awareness and convenient, superior product quality.


  • It is Designed in contour shape to hold a baby comfortably and safely when they take a bath
  • This item can be helpful to put your baby in a bathtub with his best comfortable pose.
  • the extra leg support with non-slip material makes This bath usable on any flat surface.


  1. Exclusive baby bathtub backrest
    You don't have to carry or hold a baby while bathing.
    It is an exclusive bath backrest which is not only comfortable for a baby to use but also happy for a mammy who has come to wash our baby more cleanly by both hands.

  2. Ergonomic design
    Baby can lie down comfortably! Baby bath gets easier.

  3. Backrest for a newborn baby (~9months)
    Comfortably sufficient size


Only for the deluxe folding baby bathtub


62 x 30 x 22cm





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