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Silicone Brush

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Silicone Brush
Silicone spinning formula bottle washer & bottle washer & silicone washing bristles

Mathos Loreley stemmed from the famous Loreley Hill in Germany that means mother's hill is a brand for baby products officially launched into Korea in 2012.

It is a German baby masterpiece brand that the purchase classes with lots of consumers are being formed on account of increasingly raised awareness and convenient, superior product quality.


  • Firm and fine silicone bristles wash the bottle thoroughly. The various angles of the bristles wash from many angles.
  • Environmentlally friendly material prevents moisture buildup. Quick drying helps prevent microbe buildup.
  • Uses environmental-hormone-free and non-toxicsilicone, making it an envoronmental friendly and heat resistant.
  • Triple silicone bristles made of small knobs.


  1. Faster drying : Prevents multiplication of microbes
    Conventional bristles hold moisture or a prolonged time, preventing fast drying. Moisture harbors and incubates microbes

    Wet sponge

    As you see, sponge brush absorbs moisture well, so it takes long to have it dried.
    Further, as it is full of moisture, germs are likely to grow on it.

    Wet silicone bristles

    As our product, made of the US-FDA approved silicon is manufactured by Platinum catalyst formulations, we are proud of it being excellent in anti-bacterial effect, Furthermore, as silicon bristles do not absorb moisture and moisture are easliy removed by shaking, it protects against the risk of germ proliferation.

  2. Able to withstand hot water : Never worry about environmental hormones again
    Mathos Loreley silicone formula bottle washing bristles uses envrionmental-hormone-free and non-toxic silicone, making it an environmental friendly and heat resistant.

    Temperature resistance of the handle : 100˚C/-15˚C
    Temperature resistance silicone bristles : 140˚C/-15˚C

    How to disinfect with boiling water

    Silicon bristles, made of heat-resistant material capable of withstanding up to 140˚C, can be sterilized by boiling water. Sterilize it in boiling water for thirty seconds.
    Hold the handle up, not touching boiling water for thirty seconds!

    ※ Be careful that immersing it in boiling water too long may cause it to be transformed.

  3. Never worry about tear or melting again! : Making semipermanent use possible
    Silicone britles do not deform easily. Unlike conventional sponges that can tear or melt in hot water, it can be used for a long time.

    Over time, sponge brush crumbles and is melt down in hot water, so not durable

    Silicone bristles still maintain the smooth bristles after a long use.

    Oh! While being used, sponge brush is easily contaminated. Neither such contaminated brush does look good nor is sanitary.

    You can use silicone bristles cleanly.

  4. Smooth and fine bristles : No scratches
    Nylon bristles and torn sponges can scratch formula bottles. Milk residue can build in the scratch. enabling microbes to flouish.

  5. Double the convenience : The rotating handle
    A variety of usage : It is convenient to do the washing-up.

    Spinning bristle handle enables the bristles to rotate, allowing more thorough cleaning.

    Wash with straight method by holding the handle.

  6. Double the cleaning : Abundant bubbles

  7. Out standing contact : Thorough cleaning
    It prevents scratching! Allows smooth cleaning.

  8. Plenty of details : Various sizes of silicone bristles

    Different angles of the bristles allows more through cleaning.

  9. No more boring colors : We come in 4 extravagant colors


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